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Apocalypse Now or Later?

53 years of food production left.

Active Genocide and war.

Toxic Waterways.

Price Gouging.

Unchecked Police Brutality.

Removal of basic Human and Civil Rights.

The writing is on the goddamn wall.

This place is hostile.

It's exhausting to sit back and pretend that the world isn't crumbling around me. It's even more tiring to be the only person for miles who seems to fucking notice. I suppose it made sense 14 years ago when I was talking about this stuff and it seemed too distant for the average person to be concerned about. But here we are - it's on our fucking doorstep and still no one seems to care. This isn't an "I told you so" moment because let's be honest, I want nothing to do with being right about this. And the thing is - me saying these things out loud will cause people to be angry. Not angry at the way the system has broken us and taken everything, but they'll be mad that I had the audacity to point out the obvious that they've worked so hard to avoid.

I mean, if fist fighting each other for overpriced insulated cups in a fucking Target store isn't a sign of the end of humanity, then I don't know what is.

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